(Millennium Development Goals), MDGs, which Members of the United Nations Organization nations agreed, and 192, and at least 23 international organizations,

to achieve by the year 2015. These goals emanating from the United Nations Millennium Declaration, which was signed in September 2000 and which obliges Member States of the United Nations Organization to combat poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy and discrimination against women. There are goals and indicators to measure progress towards these goals.

Based on the objectives of this agreement between the countries of the world, humanitarian organizations, we (Kainuna International Organization) wanted to share all the process of development and contribute effectively to change the future of humanity.


Objectives branched of the organization to form for the eight chapters of the United Nations Declaration of the Millennium and the site in September / September 2000, consisting of eight goals and 21 targets and 60 indicators to measure progress in achieving the goals. Eight development goals (MDGs) are eight:

·        Goal (1): To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

·        Goal (2): Achieving universal primary education.

·        Goal (3): Promoting gender equality and women's empowerment.

·        Goal (4): Reducing child mortality.

·        Goal (5): Improving mental health.

·        Goal (6): Fighting AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

·        Goal (7): Ensuring environmental sustainability.

·        Goal (8): Develop a global partnership for development.